Tuesday, February 28, 2006

me no unnerstand

Sometimes all I wish for is a little approval from my family. It doesn't matter what kind of accolades you win outside, how highly your friends think of you. All it takes is one disinterested glance from your parents to shatter you.

It struck me deep today when I told my mom I would be going for a ride in the evening and the expression on her face immediately turned to one of utter disgust and she started ignoring me. Not that that was something new, but somehow it just hit extra hard today. I just don't get it. Other people have their parents jumping around and cheering them on while I have trouble asking them to give me a lift to the race. I can't do a thing without incurring their wrath one way or another. Everytime I tell them I'm going out to cycle or run it'll be either a "not again!" stare and the cold shoulder all day, or a full blown top of the lungs hollering. Two Sundays ago my mother found me prepping my stuff for soccer and immediately cut my allowance by a hundred bucks, saying she didn't want to 'fund my activities anymore'. I don't get it, I just don't get it. Everyday I come home to a place where I'm a mere tolerated presence. Nothing more.

My no-whining resolution didn't last 24 hours.


As seen on Break.com

Four letters came to mind when I saw this clip.


Monday, February 27, 2006


I have to do something about this. It seems all I've been doing the past few weeks is whine whine whine whine whine. Not that the past few weeks have exactly been something to crow about but still....

And anyway, I opened up my fridge and found:

1 tub of New York Cheese Cake ice cream
1 tub of Manhattan Mud Pie ice cream

That makes it all better.............

Sunday, February 26, 2006

i need a pick me up

Most people groan and moan once holidays or weekends draw to a close but this time I'm going to have to admit that I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief. Its been a loooooooooooooong, hard week and this weekend hasn't exactly been a respite.

Saturday started out pretty well actually. Managed to drag myself up at 0545 to meet the TA guys at 0630 for our regular Sat morning ride and actually felt pretty proud of myself. The fact that there was an obvious improvement to my ride only added to that mood. Still got left behind by all the old men but I actually managed to keep them in visual range for most of the ride! Might not seem like much but when you're used to being left 3 or 4 kilometres behind and the rest of the group having to wait almost 10 minutes for you to catch up, its a vast vast improvement. Hell I even managed to not come in last at the half-way rest point!

If only I could've maintained that momentum throughout the weekend.

Had to rush down to school immediately after the ride to present my group's marketing idea to the rest of the class. We were actually pretty upbeat about it cuz we knew we had a good idea and the competition seemed sorely lacking. So upbeat till we somehow turned completely blind to the flaws in the presentation. We started off with a bang but everything just went downhill from there. Not least because of the fact that all the music we'd prepared couldn't be played because no one knew how to get the speakers to work and that we totally forgot to include any pictures in the powerpoint. The audience sat up to notice.......and then promptly fell asleep. The prof didn't exactly mince his words either. The sight of my entire group's heads bowed and a couple of then walking out dejectedly wasn't exactly the most inspiring thing in the world.

Only thing I had to look forward to was the prospect of a good return to Bukit Timah trail with the TA guys today and it seemed nothing would be able to tear that away from me. Well almost nothing anyway. I somehow managed to blow up the last tyre tube I had available while prepping my mountie and my dreams off hurtlling down the BT slopes at suicidal speeds got snuffed out with a terrific bang. Literally.

And now I can't watch the Liverpool match because my sis wants to watch Oprah.

Friday, February 24, 2006

ow ow ow ow

Tonight was the most painful ride that I have ever taken in my 22 years of existence. No idea what got into me at all. I spent most of the day cooped up in front of the computer desperately trying to come up with solutions to meet all the friggin deadlines that won't stop floating round and round in my head so I couldn't possibly have been fatigued. The very second I got on my bike however, pain just started shooting up my legs and almost literally kicking the breath out of my lungs. There is pain...and then there is Pain. This was definitely Pain. Five minutes into the ride and I was wondering if I ought to turn back. I'm still wonderin how I managed to finish it.

Ugh I'd better get better by Saturday.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

boogie man

The neighbour's door was open today as I was giving Patience some much needed washing and tuning up outside my door and her kid was making the most gawdawful racket I'd ever heard. Not that I really minded much though, being too engrossed in giving my bike a good coat of Teflon and polish. So I didn't really bother too much, not even when the mom started smacking a cane on the table and warning him to shut up or find out that sugar wasn't the only thing that came out of it. That is, until I heard this.

(in Chinese)


Eh look, kor kor's cleaning his bike. See, bicycle!


If you don't keep quiet later kor kor go cycling I'll ask him to take you along. We don't want you already. Too noisy. See, he's laughing at you already!


Ah, see he's finishing already. If you don't shut up I'll ask him come in here and take you away. You want that to happen?

Damn boy shut up immediately.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Darn it I wish I wasn't such a friggin coward.

Went down to the National Library in town to work on a presentation for my management module and having the really short attention span that I do, it wasn't long before I got distracted by the 64 issues of Ultimate X-men in my lapotop. Specially after the internet connection in the library went bust. So there I was happily gazing at the gorgeous art and finding out how Beast turned blue.

And then I looked up.

And then I saw her.

And all of a sudden I was happily gazing at her and not giving a damn if the sky turned bright pink with purple polka dots.

Unfortunately this is where my being a coward plays a part. I sat there across the table from her for the better part of an hour and all I could do was pretend that I was more interested in Nightcrawler being part of Weapon X than I was in her.

Maybe I ought to go see the Wizard of Oz.

Friday, February 17, 2006

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Thursday, February 16, 2006


I've just spent most of the past 19 hours being utterly, terribly, bitchily grumpy. Grump grump grump grumpy. I've been walking around with a perpetual frown on my face and listening to too much sad music for my own good. Boston by Augustana is really good for that.

Not that I don't have valid reason to be grumpy. Not in my opinion anyway. Within the course of a mere 19 hours I have managed to horribly scratch my dad's car while parking at HOME of all places, missed the deadline for subject pool participation for my Management module and thus handed myself an extra mid term to deal with as if I didn't already have enough, and had a very public, very loud and very very very vulgar argument with my sis in front of everybody who happened to be near the outside of one of the business lecture theatres. And now to top it all off, just when I was looking forward to a good ride tonight to pump out all the frustration, it starts raining cats, dogs and walruses on my way home, completely dashing my riding prospects. Not to mention making me look like a drowned rat by the time I reached my door and giving me one of those rain induced headaches.

There are days when senseless violence just appeals so much. This is one of them.


Oh crap I'm in trouble. For my Management module we're supposed to sign up to be lab rats for a number of studies so we can avoid having mid-terms for the modules. The problem is, I somehow only managed to remember that fact about 30 minutes ago. Which happened to be 30 minutes too late for the deadlines for even the last of the studies. To make things worse, the one study that I did remember to sign up for prior to this shit hole I've gotten myself into, was supposed to be today! And I only remember it now. 12 hours too late. Goddammit, I'm 22 but my memory is functioning like a 70 year old's with Alzheimer's.

On a less panicking note, went down to catch the Constant Gardener today. It is without doubt, the most awesome show I've seen in a long long time. Gladly go catch it again. Its definitely well worth it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

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i ought to be paid for this Posted by Picasa


I've been spending a lot of time reading comics these past few days and now I'm wondering how on earth I ever stopped reading them. Just finished Rise of Apocalypse and now I'm on to V for Vendetta.

Vendetta is just so friggin cool. It tells of an England thats been taken by the forces of the far right (think Magaret Thatcher on steroids) where there's no freedom, no rights, no privacy......and one V. Its so dark and morbid and mysterious that its just so darned captivating. I just can't wait for the movie! And Natalie Portman as Evey Hammond don't hurt either.

One thing though, now that I know Apocalypse was born in Egypt 4 thousand years ago, was the world's first mutant, and actually has the Fantastic 4 to thank for his rise to power (go figure), there is just on question remaining.

What the hell is Apocalypse's power? Like, Wolverine can stick you and not get Hepatitis, Cyclops can combine with Ryu to give one helluva ultimate move, Night Crawler gives whole new meaning to being a poof.....so what does Apocalypse do? Besides become the last boss in Marvel vs Streetfigther and giving you a really hard time...

Monday, February 13, 2006


I'm not sure how to put this without sounding like some narcissistic jackarse. Not to mention a narcissistic jackarse who had to use spellcheck to spell narcissistic. But anyway here goes.

I was asked to be a contestant in some school organised beach pageant.

Sounds damn hao lian right? The kinda thing that'll get people giving you weird stares and whispering to their friends when you walk by. Actually I'll probably be way too lost in my own world to notice (as usual) but it still ain't good.

Luckily I can safely say I had to apologise and refuse their offer.

How can? So frikkin fat how to take part in pageant? I could say I'm way too busy, too caught up with work and really not keen on trudging around begging people to buy tickets to the inevitable boring as hell bash. I mean all of thats true but I cannot imagine having to display Tom the Talking Tummy to the rest of the world. Die la. Have to wear paper bag on head for the rest of my life.

Mystery of my existence: How come 2 years 4 months in Hendon Camp still have talking tummy?


If you just have to find out, rather to your unpleasant surprise, that you have a tutorial on a day you could've sworn you didn't apply for and makes your Mondays just that bit harder to endure, having a hot Jap babe for a tutor would definitely be one of the better ways to do it.

uniquely singapore

I want to hao lian. It felt damn cool rappeling down 5 stories in the middle of Plaza Singapura with just about every eye in the place turned to the skies, people gaping in awe as the seasoned, world famous rope pro makes his descent.

Yeah right.

Ok ok I said I wanted to hao lian. Well the rappelling part in Plaza Singapura really did happen but everything else is probably bullcrap.

The Uniquely Singapore Race was..well...pretty much awesome. Even if we had to pull out at the second last checkpoint and leave without seeing the finish line, it was more than worth it for the sheer experience of it all. Two days and one night of almost non-stop dashin around Singapore trying desperately to get to all these famous places on our good ol island. Well actually we were allowed to take bus or cab but darn it even taking MRT from Orchard to Bedok is a pain in the arse. That plus the fact that most of the checkpoints involved loads and loads of running. The last checkpoint for yesterday night had us on foot all the way from the Bedok Blk 85 ba chor mee all the way down to the East Coast Costa Sands for our pitstop for the night! Hiking became just another term for trying your absolute best to run your sorry load laden arse into the ground.
I can barely feel my legs right now. Its a thoroughly odd feeling. My upper half actually feels perfectly fine. Well other than the squiggly henna blob ceremoniously deposited by Bernie on my left hand anyway. My top half is ok but my lower body simply isn't responding. Well not till I stand up and it starts protesting like crazy at least.
But one thing I'm really glad for is the way this team just really rocked! Bernie (Bernadette!), Bryan and Cheryl it was really great doing this race with you guys. I think we did awfully well fighting our way all the way up to 25th from the high 80s after our little boo boo. For some reason the organisers decided to push the race kick off time forward by 30 minutes. A fact that they didn't bother telling us, resulting in us being caught napping. Literally. We were happily taking our 'power naps' in the Cineleisure food court while the other 99 teams started on their way.

God I'm friggin tired. Shoots too bad don't have any pics to show. If you saw people in red polo tees with number tags on em running around Orchard today that was us!!!

Oh yeah Arun if you see this, congrats man! You guys deserve it after running so much. Enjoy all those prizes! And don't make me jealous.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


I had the evening news on while driving back home from school today and you could almost heard the thunk of my jaw dropping when he rather dispassionately reported that Indonesia would be the slightly less than enthusiastic owners of their very own local Playboy magazine in a mere months' time. Like...WTF mate. Its starting to look as if these Americans have about as much grey matter in their heads as there is sunlight on an Eskimo's underpants. Even if there was a big market for a PORNO magazine in a MUSLIM state, this is certainly not the time to go about giving it a shot. Not when buildings are burning and people are dying over a few drawings that aren't really all that much to look at.

I've just got this feeling this is gonna be bad.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hebrews 12:2

I don't know about being the author of them but I sure as hell am the finisher of all the pineapple tarts at home. Now for the nian gao....

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Newscaster: .....but authorities say that they will carry on with their side of the proposed bridge....

Gabe: Wahah! What the! Can you imagine what that would look like? Half a bridge sticking out into the water?

Me: Haha not to mention a pile of Protons sticking out of the sea...

Gabe: Oh so thats how they're gonna do it! 'If you don't finish that bridge, we're, we're just gonna drive Protons into the sea until it fills up!!'

Edwin if you're reading this...well...we couldn't help it. Hehe.....

this just hits the nail on the head Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 06, 2006

stupid chinamen

What on earth. My entire internet browser seems to have gone and taken up Confucianism or Falungong or whatever. Every web page I go to is in friggin Chinese!!! Even blogger!!

Go back to your glass tank mao. You're supposed to be dead.

well thats nice......

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be happy or downright pissed off. Geriatric syndrome caught up with me again on Saturday (yes Satur-frikkin-day) when I went down to school for Chinese New Year make-up classes and I managed to leave my soccer boots sitting pretty in the lecture theatre as I shuffled off rather sleepily to my next lesson. 10 minutes. 10 bloody minutes was all it took for me to remember them and rush back to the LT. 10 minutes was all it took for them to go running off with someone else.

Ok so fine. 20 dollar boots. Nothing to holler about. I ain't getting them back cuz Singaporeans are asses. But I needed a pair of boots for frisbee later and soccer on Sunday so off I went and got myself a pair of brand new 30 dollar boots. Ok so I'm el cheapo. Sue me. Then today during class the lecturer rather solemnly announces that the person who lost an orange shoe bag containing a pair of soccer boots ought to see him after class. Ugh.

Shut up Alanis. I know its ironic.

Friday, February 03, 2006

how fitting

While my lecturer was elaborating on several reasons why technology never really gained ground in the ancient world, I inadvertantly discovered one more he hadn't considered.

My mother called to ask if a digital camera could be used to take photos.


We're so friggin worried about the bird flu, Singaporeans don't even realise we have an ongoing epidemic right here on our little red dot. Probably originated here as well and its gone and infected just about the whole darned population.


Delibilitating disease that seems to affect the central nervous system. Plays around with all the cogs and screws in one's head and renders the sufferer:

1) Completely deaf to his/her handphone ringtone
2) Utterly insensitive to anything that remotely resembles a vibrating handphone
3) Prone to turning their phones to silent mode and dumping it in their bags

Doctors are now prescribing medicine. Unfortunately, most of the sufferers cannot be reached.