Friday, February 25, 2005

wu xia xiao shuo?

These chinese gong fu drama serials are getting a bit out of hand nowadays. In the past, a gong fu show meant bruce lee or jackie chan or some bald headed guy getting down and dirty with the cool slick moves and kua simi kua attitude. Nowadays, its all these immaculately, or in some cases ridiculously, dressed men and women staring at each other and then breaking out in whats supposed to be evil laughter i believe. After about five minutes of talking big to each other, they start throwing computer generated junk at each other. Light beams, cloth streams, water droplets, boulders (that the person on the receiving end ALWAYS manages to blow apart with one sweep of his or hand), chairs, tables, statues. Sounds almost someone throwing a bitch fit. Anyway. these fight scenes are starting to look more like star wars rather than wu xia xiao shuo. I do wonder what ol' Darth would do if he'd met say...err...thats another thing, you never can remember their names. But anyway, i think you get what i mean.

Monday, February 21, 2005

swimming? who the hell said anything about swimming?

What a way to spend a Sunday. I mean, what could beat getting up early to go down to beautiful sunny sandy Sentosa, and participating in an underwater free for all brawl disguised as a biathlon. Well worth every buck paid I'll say. Its quite a sight actually. 130 pretty much buff and toned guys in red swim caps hurtling their way around both in and out of the water. As gay as that sounds. And I can't say I speak for myself when I say buff and toned.
Well anyway, in comes ME. The bright green newbie completely ignorant of the fact that the word swim actually translates into so many different meanings in God knows how many languages. To cut a long story short, I got bullied, I got pissed, I stopped and shouted kani nabe chao chee bye mother fucker, and then i grabbed the next guy i saw and gave him a great view of the bottom of my foot. I'l never view these contests the same way again. I'll never tain for them the same way either. Gotta include say fingernail sharpening and ball bashing accuracy.
Anyway, the NUS biathlon was a bit of a muddle. Bureuacratic cock ups all over the place. People paying good money and not finding their names on the nominal roll, people missing their race start timings cause they weren't informed where to go or where they could check it out. But all in all, I'll say it wasn't too bad. Good eye opener.
For me especially.
Hey hey, what a way to spend a Sunday.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

god i just visted the blog of an old friend, edwin, and i'm just blown away by the way he expresses himself in story and song. words courtesy of his own creativity and imagination. but if i saw his work in a book or magazine i wouldn't be the least bit surprised seeing it there. now i feel so bloody self conscious. here i am, about to embark as a student of the nus arts and social sciences faculty, and i know full well that compared to him i might as well be witing ' i will not speak out of turn' a hundred times on the whiteboard.


she's leaving. she's leaving and she won't even tell me when. i know i should let go but i can't. i just bury it all inside and try to keep the peace. having her as a friend's got to be better than not having her at all. i guess. i guess.

just an old sweet song

i've never been to georgia. barely even heard of it. but when ray charles sings georgia on my mind you feel almost transported to what he was singing about.
my stomach's making noise and i'm fighting not to vomit out all my dinner. followed my dad to my granny's place for dinner thinking it was just gonna be a small quiet dinner. instead it turned out to be an extended family affair. all my paternal side aunties and uncles were there and the steam boat all prepared. i took one look and wished i'd gone with nelson to get andrew's present instead. and now i have indigestion. damn.
i can't even be bothered to stay in now. almost everybody's gone for good. only me and the mozzies left.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

all good things must come to an end.....bloody hell

time doesn't just fly when you're having fun. it bloody races by like greased lightning on nitro. its gone its all gone! the two weeks of wonderful delectable off days are over!.....sigh. gives you that end of the world feeling doesn't it?
then again, who am i to be talking about time. just found out from gabriel that an old schoolmate, kang fei has just been diagnosed with leukemia. God i just saw him a month or so back during the AC reunion. sat at his table for that matter. and now he's got leukemia. as far as i know, its at an early stage so theres a high chance of recovery. but he's starting chemo soon. live strong man. if somehow by any chance you come by this page, know that i'll be there for you to the best of my ability.

went for the aceglobal briefing on Camp USA with ernest on Friday. essentially we were told that the chances of getting into the programme itself weren't as elusive as we thought. however the main factor in being picked was the amount of time and availability you had to offer. unfortunately term starts way before we get back. guess its all in God's hands now.

i'm blabbering. did i even spell blabbering correctly?

Thursday, February 10, 2005

hu ah!

crap i just lost thirty bucks of my ang pow money just sitting around a green table moving little ceramic blocks around. and i ain't talking bout lego. i think i need to f ind myself some sorta lucky charm or something. i can sit around just waiting and waiting for that one card i need to whip their asses when all of a sudden, the tables are turned and its mine getting whipped. sigh. yeah i know it happens a lot. i don't exactly have to like it do i?
anyway, chinese new year this year has been really disappointing so far. call me weird but i actually kinda enjoy going around to all my relatives places doing all that visiting and the never ending happy new years to the same people over and over again. i know it happens evey year. but i don't get tired of it. problem is, it seems everyone else got tired of it. this year my entire paternal side decided to stay at my grand ma's place and play mahjong. and there i was just sitting around doing abosutely nothing. well other than falling asleep on the couch with my mouth open.
then when i got to my maternal grandma's place i decided if you can't beat them, join them. and now i'm thirty bucks poorer.
i think this is just about my most boring entry ever.

Monday, February 07, 2005

help i'm peeling

damn there goes my tan. skin's peeling off on my back and shoulders. sigh shouldn;t have stayed so long and gotten burnt instead of just coloured. well i picked up a hole in my lip yesterday. got that right. a hole. during soccer this guy happily barrelled into me and his shoulder connected with my mouth, sending my teeth straight into my lip. now i have a gaping crater that kinda resembles mount doom on my lower lip. well at least he came oevr to apologise, even if his first words after were '' i got the ball, i got the ball!", but we live and let live. i'm just thankful no need stitches. bloody scary, the idea of somebody happily pulling a needle and thread through my lip. people weren't meant to be embroidered on.

Saturday, February 05, 2005


these days i feel like there actually is something to look forward to. days where deadlines are non existent, well other than the due dates of my dvds from video ezy or my books from the library. things seem to be going well for now and theres still ord and then school to look forward to. there havn't been many times in my life when i could feel like this.
wondering if i should join this gnc contest where they challenge you to shape up. they give you twelve weeks and take before and after photos. would certainly be a big help to stay in shape after army. and to finally get rid of those love handles. i just don't get it. i've lost so much weight in every single part of my body
and yet these bloody love handles still remain. and the skin that used to contain the fat too. maybe i wasn;t destined for abs. anyway if i can win, which is highly unlikely actually, i get to drive a maserati around for one year! all expenses paid. hmm
anyone got any lobangs for the stand up speak up wrist bands by nike?

Friday, February 04, 2005

everyday should be this good

so this is what civilian life is like. woke up early and cycled to bukit gombak stadium to do some power runs. there was this really really fat, ok obese, ang moh running. well if you could call it running. at leas the's trying to lose weight. unlike a lot of ang mohs i see. anyway after that went with Gabe to the gym. Club Fit man, not california Fitness. but club fit really isn't bad. has everything you need. unless you need yoga and pilates classes filled with hot girls in tight lycra.

watched finding neverland after that. really good show. johnny depp is simply put, a stupendous actor. he can just owns the role. makes the chracter him and him the character. thoroughly renjoyed it. finally went to meet bak kwa, leong and jon at wala wala. first time i've seen the band with the girl perform. wow she's a great singer. she just makes whatever song she's singing her own. and she's really versatile. when she sings zombie she makes it seem the cranberries are right there on stage, and then the next thing you know its oasis with wonderwall sung in a way never heard before. good stuff.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

and so they marched away leaving only their legacy

there is a feeling you get when you're all dressed up in ceremonial uniform and marching out on the last parade you'll ever particiapte in with all the people who've gone through hell and back with you. there is a certain straightness to your back, a certain tilt of your head.

ord lo.

time truly flies. unfortunately it only does so on hindsight. when you're living it it crawls by second by second like a snail with muscular dystrophy (did i spell that right?). however this only serves to make all that went on before even more memorable. it seems only a blink of an eye from the time we were mere recruits, crawling around in urine soaked mud or having eveything in our cupboards emptied out into a bag and high kneeling with that bag over our heads. an instant from the cold, wet and miserable times in brunei. the grueling, neverending feeling of 72 km route march. the sheer torture of 5 km SOC.

the sheer, unadulterated pride of standing in the pouring rain and receiving my red beret and stilleto knife.