Saturday, October 30, 2004

calm before the storm

Its been a long time since i felt like this. Waking up in the morning in my own bed and realising i've nothing, absolutely nothing to do for the next five obligations, no assingments no deadlines, no outfield and no pt.... not unless i want to. Well pt i think i need. if not become bloody fat. Amazing how scared becoming fat i am now. Can still remember a time when i couldn't care less. Guess the harder you have to work to lose it the more you become careful of putting it back on. Then again i guess i should enjoy these few days... over in Australia we've only got combat rations. Ultimate weight loss program. Come back looking like one of those somalians who havn't eathen for weeks. Argh... there i go talking bout army again. Damn. But seriously what the hell else is there to talk about? Ok besides the overpaid underworked over-rated people like infantry officers and trainers....there's the small percentage of people who spend 24 hours a day, five (previously five and a half) days a week, 52 (or is it 54?) weeks a year in camp. Excluding whatever off days or public holidays might come around. So we put in all that time and lots of the time effort in service of out country and what do we get? People saying we're boring, girlfriends saying all we know about is army and never being there and then running off to some guy from whichever uni she's studying at, people complaining about the bunch of soldiers with huge bags crowding the bus on friday nights. I mean, wow, this is what a whole bunch of us put on camouflage, picked up our rifles and alice packs, walked 10 kilometres and fought for. Real nice. Round of applause please, or how bout a ceremonial booing and ritual cold shoulder. Think about it man.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


A new beginning, a new start. A new setting to nurse an unsure heart. A touch of melancholy, a touch of blue. A touch of things that make the world seem to revolve around you. Call me a fiend, call me a fool. Perhaps i shouldn't let my emotions rule. Maybe i shall find, on this unsteady walk of mine, a place for my head, a place i can shine. Or maybe i'll trip, and stumble and fall. And find myself lacking the strength to stand tall. Taking a journey, thats me, towards an unknown of sorts. Leaving my footprints, in the sands by the shore.

He who has ears let him hear