Saturday, May 26, 2007

that sinking feeling

Times like these I really just wonder what I try so hard for.

It just always seems to end in tears.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

good one la tcs

All hail the arrival of full blown singlish on our tv goggle boxes!!! After all these years of sending Phua Chu Kang to night school and pretending Singaporeans speak with pseudo- American accents salvation has come in the form of…..Deal or No Deal!! Believe you me I was as stunned as you probably are. I got back home, opened up my packet of satay beehoon, turned on the tv and was greeted by the contestant’s wife going

“Eh no deal! No deal la! You go and say deal you tonight no need come home I tell you first!”

“Huh really ah?” Whereupon he turns to another woman on the inaugural panel and goes

“Eh you le?”

“No deal, no deal!” And then he turns to the final member on the couch.

“Et tu Brutus? Oh wait or was that et tu Brute?”

HAHA Singaporeans are probably the only people who can pull “la”s, “le”s and Latin all in the same breath. Oh and hokkien too!

Nbcb that Vanessa girl holding the briefcase is frikkin hot.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

that's what you do to earn your daily wage

Work makes Isaac MIA.

This getting up at 6 am in the morning is seriously getting to me. I'm honestly wondering how we managed to cope with school starting at 7.30 am back in the day. But anyway I suppose it could be worse. I have to be grateful for a bunch of really great colleagues and - this takes the cake - a boss with a sense of humour. I've never seen someone so eager to treat people to lunch before. 12 o'clock on the dot and he's sending out emails bugging people to go and eat. Seems to be somewhat of a common trait among the management frankly. The MD decides all the tidbits we keep munching on makes us fat boys and girls so he starts placing baskets of fruit all over the office. Then he decides having char kway teow at work would be an even better idea so he orders two huge trays of the stuff from penang road along with shrimp fried chicken and champagne and tells everyone to dig in. Honestly if it weren't for the 8 am to 8 pm days I've been pulling I wouldn't have much to whine about, which would make this blog defunct :P

On another note I decided to give myself a treat since I've given away my holidays and bought myself this!

Will Eisner pioneered the whole graphic novel artform and frankly I can easily see why.

Ok hello weekend I'm going to treasure you

Friday, May 04, 2007

if you want to tell me to stop complaining go away

You know those days when nothing seems to go right and all you want to do is grump and grump and grump and grump and yet if you ever told anyone about it they'd just laugh and tell you you're being oversensitive? Well thats the day I've been having. Woot look at me. Friday night, exams are over and here I am at home drinking beer, blasting music and sticking my rants on cyberspace.

Fuck I need more hoegaardens....

Thursday, May 03, 2007

don't wake me i plan on sleeping in

Gosh it feels sooo damn good to be free. Well for a while anyway and for the moment, good things seem to be happening in threes. Well yesterday anyway. Exams done, caught Spider-man 3 and of course, most important of all, LIVERPOOL IS THE FINAL!!!!! Honestly, heaven knows how we keep managing to do it. Oddly enough though, I do wish manyoo was in the final instead of Milan. After watching them play yesterday I'd really rather be facing united's comic show of a defence. And considering the way we managed to totally decimate them before.... Ah well, to Athens TO ATHENS!!!!

That aside I'm gonna have to do my absolute best to make full use of the few days I have before work starts. Come Monday it'll be waking up at 6 am, strangling myself with a tie and driving a desk for 3 whole months! Oh wow look another good thing that came in threes. I hope I don't turn all Jim Carrey-ish like in that movie 23. I'm really having very mixed feelings about this stint as an intern. I know the rest of teg - one of them in particular - just relishes the opportunity to dress up and look like something out of GQ magazine - or is that Fortune 500? or Forbes? - but more and more I'm being convinced it just isn't me. Everyone around me keeps gushing about this or that opportunity to play around with other people's money and be in abject danger of cluttering up the house with all those Lamborghini and Ferrari catalouges but I don't know why I can't even bring myself to pretend being interested. Oh I won't lie and say all this material stuff isn't appealing, but I guess sitting around grinning while money literally flashes its way through me on its wireless course from one account to another just isn't what I want to be remembered for when I die.

Ok ok getting all philosophical here. I need to get a haircut and then the drag that is office wear shopping awaits me.

Dammit I shoulda paid attention when they were teaching us how to tie ties back in ACS (i).