Monday, December 25, 2006


I've come to the conclusion that the Thais simply have us utterly beat when it comes to the food department. Well ok perhaps not in the international variety aspect but definitely in that bastion that we Singaporeans are so damned proud of.

The street food. The roadside hawker stalls and auntie selling durian off the back of a modified pickup truck which Grace mistook for a tuk-tuk. When you take your first bite out of just about any dish you can almost hear the deep baritone voice from the heavens going "OWNING!!". Wanton mee own us. Kuay chap own us. Char kway teow own us. Beef noodles own us. Orh luat own us. Teh peng also own us. Wah seh even kaya toast also own us.

On another note I have a huge bag full of new clothes to unpack and a completely untouched packet of 16 Marks and Spencer Christmas cards (2 designs!) that I think I was supposed to be done with by today. Ah well.

Merry Christmas la!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Youth camp was quite simply AWESOME!

Even if I did feel like a senior citizen a number of times I have to say I had a blast at a camp that I did not look forward to or have much hope for. Jude, Alpha, Andrew, Roy, Mel, Carolyn, Cheryl and Willie I have to thank you so much for restoring my faith in the future of the AMKMC youth fellowship and for putting a burden in my heart to be there for you guys and the ones like you. Truly God answers prayer.

A major part of the camp was visiting homes for the elderly and bringing them Christmas gifts and all. I'd only been to an old folks home once before in my life and I have to admit that I was a little freaked out by it, having been presented for the first time the despair and destitution that old age can bring. The prospect of going to Orange Valley had me more than a little apprehensive. On arriving I felt really helpless because I found myself unable to communicate effectively with the residents not least due to my crappy chinese and non-existent dialect. But the youth blew me away when they showed no sign of hesitation and eagerly engaged in conversation with the ah gongs and ah mas and showed a tenacity I could never have imagined. Andrew even went so far as to start giving out hugs to each and every resident, a gift they recieved with huge smiles and lots of gratitude. So many of these people have stories to tell and, for a while at least, they had someone to tell them to. I could only watch in sheer admiration as these youth loved as Christ did.

A few weeks back I'd been feeling hopelessly lost in my Christian walk because I felt as if I was going to service simply because it'd become my Sunday ritual. I'd felt stagnant and purposeless. But if anything, this camp has made me realise just how much talent is bubbling under the surface among all the youth and how much they need people to help nurture that talent for the Lord. A long time ago I was one of those young faces looking up to the older leaders for a hint of what I could be. Now its my turn to take up the role of being the mentor and I hope somehow, somehow I'm up to the job. And perhaps learn a thing or two myself from them. All for His glory!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Matthew 6:21

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

They're plastered up on Tangs and right now these words say a lot about how I'm feeling. The annual church Youth Fellowship camp is tomorrow and I'm really losing the battle to persuade myself to go. Even the fact that I've already paid the $25 full-timer fees isn't much of a compulsion really.

The question is.... where the frikkin hell is my treasure?

Monday, December 11, 2006

you know you make me breakout!!!!!!!!!

I am completely and utterly and exhausted but DAMN! that felt good!!! I really could get used to this post-exam thingy. Didn't get home before 4.30 am the entire weekend!

Friday: Rocked out at Ben n Jerry's Cathay with Mark's band putting up one helluva performance. Mark that was the shit man!! When you guys did Lets Get It Started the whole of Cathay was gathered outside there!

Saturday: Showtime for Changing Frames, our church drama production and then after headed down to some party near Holland Road. My goodness there were 7 (count em) SEVEN cars in there. 2 SL 500s, 1 big big Mercedes, 1 BMW 6 series, 1 Mini Cooper and 1 decidedly out of place Mitsubishi MPV. SMLJ, 2 of those cars would've paid for my entire home already. Shag. And the party was held in the so called "entertainment wing" that was totally seperate from the other two wings of the house; a wing thats already like 4 times the size of my place!!! The party was pretty good too though I think I drew quite few stares by spending an inordinate amount of time staring at the fish in the koi pond. So sue me I like fish ok!??!?

Sunday: Woke up late and missed service but went down to NTU to play street soccer and boy it's really been waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too long. Habib's "testimonial" match before he goes back to Australia and dammit it just felt so damn good to be kicking a ball again. Although I did spend a lot of time between the sticks because I was too shagged out to run anymore.

On another note, I GOT THEM MUSE TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man I can't wait to see em do Hysteria or Stockholm Syndrome or Map of the Problematique live!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

burndt jamb

Quick quick who wants to form a band tell me now!

I am dying to do Time Is Running Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

our time is running out

I honestly can't believe how apathetic I am towards my exams. I mean I put in all the effort to prepare for them but on the day itself I feel...well..absolutely nothing. One more paper on Friday (way after everybody finishes and the same day that both Dee and Bern are buggering off to Bangkok) and I find myself barely even caring. Shit from tomorrw onwards studying in the library is going to be a lonely affair.

On the upside the weekend was frikkin awesome! Didn't get back before 4.30am three nights in a row and was in a perpetual stupor (at one point supplemented by a few Heinekens) but damn that felt good. Chaperoned the amkmc kids for their night cycling on Friday night and I guess I just relished getting back in the saddle. I realise I'm a really bad role model though. Rear wheel slipped and lost balance for a split second and the first thing that comes out of my mouth?


Then when we got to some bridge near the No Signboard Seafood place in Kallang everyone dismounted to cross except me.

"Err doesn't the sign say we should get off and push our bikes?"

"Don't worry rules are meant to be broken one."

Somehow I think I'm on my way to having a ticket to hell with my name stamped on it.

**In other news, OMFG 4-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can proudly start becoming a walking Carlsberg advert again!!!!!!!!!!!!**